Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fundraising - Land for orphanage Children

Dear Brother/ Sister and prayer partners our Himalayan Foundation is an orphanage for children at risk, serving the social, emotional and spiritual needs of the most disadvantaged children.
Promoting family and community life of children and adolescents with violated human rights is an investment in their recovery and strengthens the community. Every child or adolescent with violated rights needs special protection.
We struggle every day to keep each one of these children fed, educated and healthy, which is currently a hard work as our orphanage survives just with donations. In Kathmandu poverty is everywhere and so the local community is unable to support and help.
A considerable part of our monthly expenses consists of the rent for the building in which the orphanage is located. At the same time we are dependent on the good will of the house owner who could demand the building back at any time.
Our plan now is to buy land in order to build a new orphanage making it independent and ensuring the continuity of our mission. This way we can extend our assistance providing a better place to live for many more neglected children.
The plot of land and a new building will cost around 75000$. With that relatively small amount of money, the life trajectory of these children (and probably futures generations, too) will improve considerably.
Our first goal is to raise $25000, the cost of the required plot of land for a new orphanage that will change our children’s life forever!
You can play an important role in this plan and in the development of these children.
So we challenge you to join us in this project - any amount will make an enormous difference, but if everyone who receives this  Blogger  gives $100, we will be able to reach our goal until middle of next year.
Please donate via (this is the best way to give) or via. I’ll send you an update next months on the project and on our fundraising success! Of course, feel free to call (+977 98 41 44 0275) or email me at if you have questions about this journey and about Himalayan Foundation. Thank you again for considering this request and for supporting this important effort. please visit Himalayan Foundation  website