Thursday, 16 October 2014

Need your sponsorship Community poor children education.

Nepal we don’t have job Opportunities to own money, muse of the poor family backroom  so difficult to mention their daily needs, because of they cannot send their children in school, there children they like to do school, In this condition it is very hard for families to send their children to school so they never get the opportunity to gain an education and it is very difficult for them to achieve a better life for themselves. Education is paramount in helping the community children of Nepal realize a better life for their future.

Our foundation (HFN)  is attempting to improve these community children's lives and future by running a sponsorship program for Community Children from low income families. Sponsorship through HFN provides children with the invaluable opportunity to enter or remain in education, and realize their full potential, so we Himalayan Foundation Nepal we like to help 50 community children’s for that our foundation  need your prayer and help your small contribution for this needy child to go school, pear children pear year $ 250 USD need  for to School re-admission, books, school uniform bag and Stationary for to go there education in school.