Monday, 4 November 2013

Orphanage children having holiday

 Orphanage children having holiday  with Festival Dipawly.
Himalayan Foundation Nepal with Living orphanage children are enjoying with holiday Dipawaly ( Lit festival with Hindu  ) deferens denier , children are having 5 days holiday know,  in Nepal lost of Holiday we get  that time children happy much to  have great time with our family,  this children are  with us, we are also pleasure    to look and  care  and make there great future, thank you so much for your help differed way by giving time with volunteer and your contribution need this orphanage children and community child.   please keep in touch in your prayer this children and we have vision to looking more 50 children to in our home to look care and help so that we need your help and prayer continually this mission. 

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