Monday, 30 September 2013

Street Children Support Program

Street Children support and sponsor program.

Himalayan foundation Nepal are help and looking care and organize with street child support.  The street children who want to live on the streets rather than with their families generally "leave home regularly as changes take place in their home environment". Numbers of street children are increasing in urban areas around Nepal and especially in Kathmandu. The street Children of Kathmandu are perhaps the most obvious signs of this malaise. This number continues to grow in Kathmandu, with roughly 200 to 300 every year. Children leaving home every year for a variety of reasons, some do so because of abusive, alcoholic parents, maltreatment at home, peer influence, natural disaster and the temptation to earn more money. They are not more than 15 years of age who are always in a group or if not in the group, they are found sleeping in the street. Some of the children belong to the rural areas and they have runaway due to various domestic problems in the village so they come in city.
This Himalayan Foundation Nepal is organize to help and care street children and hope to help rescue and support them from further abandonment by providing a stable and safe environment where they can prosper and grow. As we are now in the 21st century here is to hope of a better future for all children not just in Nepal but around the world as well.
Donate Warm clothes for Street Children for winter .
Donate for the education and support of street child
Donate to help arrange a Health camp for street Children’s

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Various Volunteer Programs

Various Volunteer Programs
Welcome to the Himalayan Foundation Nepal (HFN). HFN is an officially registered non-government organization. In 2007 our organization began with The Living Orphanage child which started by offering food, support and shelter to 4 high-risk orphaned children in desperate circumstances, each child with a unique and tragic story. Today the orphanage in Kathmandu has grown to provide care, shelter, support and education for over 15 Orphanage children.
We believe that all orphaned children in Nepal deserve a loving home with hope for the future. HFN has expanded its efforts to sponsoring the education of underprivileged children within the community and to offering a variety of volunteer programs that provide essential support to these communities. HFN gives volunteers the opportunity to become involved in social work that raises educational awareness, enhances the lives of villagers and improves educational development. We work in partnership with 6 other orphanages throughout Nepal where volunteers have the opportunityto change lives.
Volunteering with HFN will help the lives of these orphaned children and will have a lasting impact on the local community. HFN has various programs that give volunteers the opportunity to work with children in the orphanage, street children, womens empowerment programs, community health (HIV/Aids awareness), and English teaching directly in the Kathmandu Valley or in rural villages throughout Nepal. HFN also offers ministry opportunities, Church planting, youth missions work, and vocational bible school programs. Let's work together to help make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most!

Various Volunteer Opportunities

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Prayer for Grandfather Hospital

Dear  all the Respected friend and prayer partner.
  Greeting from orphanage children Home in Nepal. We have some problem in our orphanage home because Nandhalal (Father) His last Wednesday Sep 4th send orphanage children in school and his back in home won the way that time some on heat with motor back so that his raid seat leg is fracture his cannot wake, so his now is Teaching hospital, Kathmandu, Maharahaganjg , his helping in the orphanage children every time as a  Grandfather, looking care and taking children in school and pickup from children home his very great help for volunteering for the orphanage children, now his in hospital so please keep in touch in your prayer and heard to be better soon and needs for his oppression for leg .

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Child sponsor program

Child sponsor program in Nepal
Himalayan Foundation Nepal has organize to help the community poor Childs in Nepal, Nepal    is one of the world's poorest countries with the 21st highest poverty rate. Half the population is jobless and many live on $1 US or less day. In this condition it is very hard for families to send their children to school so they never get the opportunity to gain an education and it is very difficult for them to achieve a better life for themselves. Education is paramount in helping the community children of Nepal realize a better life for their future.
HFN is attempting to improve these community children's lives and future by running a sponsorship program for Community Children from low income families. Sponsorship through HFN provides children with the invaluable opportunity to enter or remain in education, and realize their full potential. We are help with sponsor 10 Childs to go school for their education,  now 15 Childs are waiting for they want to go school so please if you like to sponsor this nets child just for one year $250  this money they will gets hold year for to study in school so please we kindly request help this our chill sponsor program to go child in school and get education.  
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